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News on self-defence

In a recent decision of 25.10.2022, 5 StR 276/22, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that in the case of three shots fired from behind by the victim, each shot must be considered separately in order to assess the question of the necessity of the (self-defence) act.

Call for tougher penalties for forged vaccination certificates

In view of the cases of forged vaccination certificates and test certificates, the federal states want the criminal law regarding the forgery of health certificates to be tightened.

New website

I am pleased to present the new homepage of my law firm kock strafverteidigung with pictures by Alex Schwander. A thousand thanks to my colleague lawyer Alexander Zehe, who made the homepage technically what it is.

Judgment of the ECJ on provisional arrest and the prohibition of double punishment in the presence of a red notice
(ECJ, Judgment of 12.05.2021, Case: C-505/19)

In its judgment of 12 May 2021, the ECJ (European Court of Justice) held that the provisional arrest of a person on the basis of an Interpol red notice is permissible unless a judicial decision establishes that the person concerned has already been finally convicted in a Contracting State or a Member State for the same offence(s) to which the red notice relates.

Such a court decision presupposes a corresponding legal remedy, which (also) does not exist in Germany.

No quarantine for vaccinated travel returnees

A little outside my actual core area, I am nevertheless pleased to have won a victory for my clients today at the Administrative Court of Frankfurt against the City of Frankfurt am Main in the matter of quarantine for vaccinated travel returnees.