Rechtsanwältin Katharina Kock


As a sole practitioner, I maintain very personal client relationships. My clients are defended and looked after exclusively by me.

Nevertheless the structure of my law firm also enables me to act quickly and efficiently in crisis situations such as searches or arrests.

In addition, I have a broad network of other experienced defence lawyers and experts in other areas of law, such as civil or public law, tax advisors or auditors. This network is indispensable in order to ensure the best defence in every case, especially in commercial and criminal tax proceedings as well as criminal labour proceedings, which are often also large-scale proceedings with many defendants and extend into other areas of law. In addition, there is intensive cooperation with colleagues from other European and non-European countries, especially in the context of international legal assistance proceedings.

Law studies in Frankfurt am Main

Student assistant at the Institute of Criminal Sciences (Professorship Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Winfried Hassemer, Vice President of the Federal Constitutional Court) at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Research assistant at the Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Legal Theory, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wolter, University of Mannheim

Traineeship at the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt, 1st Criminal Division, among others

Lawyer since 2000

Specialist in criminal law since 2007

Criminal law tutor

Examiner in the first and second state law examinations (criminal law)

  •     Member of the German Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers (Deutsche Strafverteidiger e.V.)
  •     Member of the Association of Hessian Defence Lawyers (Vereinigung Hessischer Strafverteidiger e.V.)
  •     Member of the German Bar Association (DAV), Criminal Law Working Group