Commercial criminal law

The concept of economic criminal law includes all norms that sanction actions defined as misconduct in connection with economic life. In addition to international regulations on corruption or foreign regulations of the capital market, these include

  • fraud
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Capital investment fraud
  • Criminal competition law
  • Betrayal of business secrets
  • Criminal law relating to balance sheets
  • Breach of trust
  • Withholding and embezzlement of remuneration
  • Corruption offences
  • Insolvency offences

In addition to the actual legal consequences of the respective criminal offences (fines or imprisonment), those affected or the associated companies are threatened with further considerable economic damage, such as fines, profit absorption and damages in a sensitive amount, so that white-collar criminal law can, under certain circumstances, have consequences that threaten the existence of companies, the management and employees.

I defend defendants in white-collar crime cases, advise companies and accompany witnesses. During searches and arrests, I am always on site to accompany them and coordinate any necessary measures.