General criminal law

General criminal law means the so-called core criminal law and thus the most diverse offences.

This includes

  • Property offences, such as theft, embezzlement, robbery, extortion, receiving stolen goods, aiding and abetting
  • Offences against physical integrity, such as bodily harm, dangerous and grievous bodily harm, maltreatment of persons under protection.
  • Offences against life, e.g. murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter
  • Offences against testimony, e.g. perjured testimony, perjury

but also sexual offences, insult, forgery, coercion and much more.

The early involvement of a lawyer specialising in criminal law is of great importance, because in addition to severe penalties (fines and imprisonment), criminal proceedings can have additional far-reaching consequences, such as loss of employment, occupational bans, entries in the certificate of good conduct and the like. At the latest in the case of searches, arrests or a police summons, a specialist lawyer for criminal law should be engaged. The first rule is: Silence!

I have been defending for a long time in all areas of classical general criminal law and am at your side to exhaust all available procedural rights and possibilities as early as possible.